Online Health Education Resources

Research Sites

Michigan eLibrary - MEL - MEL provides all Michigan residents free access to online full-text articles, full-text books, digital images, and other valuable research information.
CDC Community Health Resources
Medline Plus - a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Explore the Videos and Cool Tools.
Top 25 Health and Medical Search Engines - list contains tools designed for both consumers and health professionals.
Health Related Studies from the Pew Internet and American Life Project
Thinkfinity - search for "health and fitness"

General Resources for School Health Education

Michigan Merit Curriculum Health Education Guidelines
Michigan Model for Health Curriculum
MDE Health Education
Safe and Drug Free Schools
Coordinated School Health & Safety Programs
Partnership for 21st Century Skills Health Literacy
National Institutes of Health Curriculum Supplement Series - Health, Fitness, and Safety
PBS Teachers Health and Fitness - Activity Packs
Kids Health - collection of interactive games information for kids, teens, and parents.

General Resources for Community Health Education

Michigan Department of Community of Health
Michigan Health & Human Services
Michigan Health Tools - from Michigan Dept. of Community Health
CDC Adult & Community Health
Go Ask Alice - from Columbia University

Online Health Assessments

Your Disease Risk
Web MD Interactive Tools
Health Risk Assessments
Tools and Interactives from

Infographics and Images

25 Infographics to Learn About Sleep and Your Health
25 Incredible Infographics About Smoking, Public Health and the Human Body
20 Amazing Infographics for Health Conscious People
Who Still Smokes?
Leading Causes of Death

Public Health Image Library
Health and Safety Free Clip Art
Health Care and Medicine Images
The Morgue File

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Tobacco Free Kids
Bonko's Body Quiz
Smoking Internet Scavenger Hunt
Who Still Smokes? - Interactive Infographic
Leading Causes of Death - Infographic

Nutrition and Food Safety

Food Safety Videos
Food Fury
Mission Nutrition
Lunch Line Redesign - could be a good discussion starter for students

Online Safety

Cyberbullying and Sexting for Teachers, Parents and Students - large collection of resources compile by Oakland Schools


Top Health Blogs
Technorati Blog Search


Health Literacy
DocRock - How to Avoid the Swine Flu
WatchKnow - over 15,000 teacher-reviewed educational videos for children, placed in a directory of over 3,000 categories.
SchoolTube - Health and Wellness videos


Download iTunes here

Just a few examples...
Johns Hopkins PodMed
The House Call Doctor's Quick and Dirty Tips for Taking Charge of Your Health
The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous
Girlfriend M.D. Quick and Dirty Tips to Understand Your Body
Nutrition, Diet, and Health
NIH Research Radio Podcast